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Google Ads

Google ads is Google's pay per click advertising platform. This might be the right choice for an advertiser to grow their businesses. Google ads is a paid marketing service where advertiser bid on the keywords and these keywords will be displayed in the right place, to the right people and at the right time. You can select any one network to promote your ads. You are free to do whatever you want to do with your ads. If you are still confused, Miraki technologies team will guide you and give you better result.

  • Google Ads control your budget.
  • Google Ads will help you to reach to the people with specific interest.

How Google Ads work?

  • Google Ads work on bidding.
  • Google Ads works on 3 quality scores (Landing Page, Keywords, Ads)
  • By choosing the right keywords will improve your results on search engine.
  • Google Ads will help you to reach new customers online.
  • More your Ads are relevant more you can engage your customers.
  • Google works on some basic terminologies like KEYWORD, SEARCH TERM, IMPRESSION, CPC, CTR, Conversion.

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