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What is SEO ?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the practice of increasing the number and quality of visitors to a website by improving rankings in the algorithmic search engine results. Research shows that websites on the first page of Google receive almost 95% of clicks, and studies show that results that appear higher up the page receive an increased click-through rate (CTR), and more traffic. In SEO, the website is optimized according to the search engine’s algorithm such that your website will be pushed above your competitors.

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Types of SEO

On-page SEO deals with the elements of your own website. On-page SEO includes technical set-up–the quality of your code –textual and visual content and user-friendliness of your site. On the other side, there are off-page factors, like links from other websites, social media attention, and other marketing activities outside your own website. If you focus on off-page SEO you mostly aim to get more links to your site. The more relevant links you get, the higher your ranking in Google will be. Want to get more links to your site? Read our series about link building.

Why SEO is for you?

Given your significant organic web traffic Once you top the searches using on-page and off-page SEO. Your web traffic easily and automatically increases. Enhances User Experience When your website is optimized for search engines and also for users. As per Google’s algorithm, how much of your content is matching the user’s search. In short websites, usefulness is looked at first. Reducing your budget Compared to the rest of the digital marketing services, SEO costs less because it’s mostly based on organic or unpaid traffic gain. Hence, Creating content worth engaging the audience, consisting of relevant keywords and an optimized website. Here at Miraki Digital, we give our attention to organic traffic as 70% of traffic consists of organic searches and only 30% is paid To avail our  SEO services in Hyderabad, Contact us now. If you don’t have a website, no worries!  To get one click here.

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SEO Services

Miraki digital is a leading Digital marketing company that offers several interesting services for start-up and for enterprise clients.

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